Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bronze Hoard Discovered in Poland

(Fot. D. Szuwalski)
'Bronze Hoard Discovered in Poland' Tuesday, February 17, 2015:
RZEPEDZ, POLAND—At a remote site in the Bieszczady Mountains, beyond the Carpathian Mountains, Polish archaeologists have uncovered a hoard of bronze artefacts including a pickaxe, and a necklace and bracelet hidden inside a clay vessel. According to Science & Scholarship in Poland, the find was originally made by an amateur who saw the axe sticking out of the ground and immediately alerted the local museum. "For me, as an archaeologist, it is very important that after finding one object the discoverer did not explore the place further himself, but reported the discovery and waited for specialists,” says Sanok Museum archaeologist Piotr Kotowicz, adding, “We do not yet know who and why had hidden the treasure so carefully.”