Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Late medieval longsword found in Polish peat bog

In late May, excavator operator Wojciech Kot, engaged in drainage excavations in a peat bog in the municipality of Mircze, 12 miles south of the town of Hrubieszów in southeastern Poland, dug up an intact late medieval longsword. The next day the digger driver contacted the local museum in Hrubieszów and the day after that he took the sword to the museum in person. He soon after showed the museum experts the exact find spot (this is not being revealed to keep treasure hunters from despoiling it).

Wojciech Kot at the discovery site

The two-handed sword is 120 cm, long and dates to the 14th century. It is in excellent condition and does not show any signs of having been deliberately discarded due to damage. Bartłomiej Bartecki, the museum director says: “The place where the discovery was made is a wetland and a peat bog. It is possible that an unlucky knight was pulled into the marsh, or simply lost his sword"
The sword
Archaeologists plan to return to the find site to do a limited excavation. They’re hoping to find additional artifacts or information related to the sword, perhaps even other pieces of the knight’s equipment. [...] After conservation and study [in Warsaw], the sword will return to Hrubieszów where it will go on display at the museum. They expect it to be back around November. “This is a unique find in the region. It is worth pointing out that while there are similar artefacts in museum collections, their places of discovery is often unknown, and that is very important information for historians and archaeologists” – [Bartecki] noted. Information nobody would have if it weren’t for the quick thinking and responsible actions of Wojciech Kot. Because the finder was so diligent in giving the sword to the museum and noting the find spot, museum staff will apply to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage to grant him a reward or at least official thanks and recognition of his “exemplary attitude.”
Source:  Late medieval longsword found in Polish peat bog  The History Blog June 20th, 2017.

Video here: [in Polish]

The reporting of accidental finds like this is obligatory under Polish law.

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